Builders Network Interview with Christian Gaiser: Risk Taking and Maintaining Balance

3rd September 2020

Growing up in a family hotel, Christian Gaiser’s personal and working life has always been connected. His background taught him, among all, that every day something unforeseen can happen. What he took away from these early experiences is a sense of calmness when faced with challenges and a mindset of humbleness and service. 

When he started Bonial and COSI, the 2008 financial downturn and COVID-19 pandemic were in full swing. But Christian does not see them in crisis-terms.

“We had the opportunity to shape our mindset accordingly. We learned cost discipline early. Big topics you hadn’t anticipated happen every week or month, even when you have come a long way as a company. Keep your calm, take a step back, look around. Focus on what you can control for yourself now, then in a week and a month's. It’s my mantra.”

Learn more about Christian’s take on risk-taking, from the things that did not work out, his productivity hacks, and much more in his interview in The Build newsletter.

James Gibson

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