How will air travel change in the future?

4th June 2020

The MD of Lufthansa Innovation Hub, Gleb Tritus, shared his perspective on the future of travel in an interview with our Co-founder & CEO Christian Gaiser.

Air travel is the lifeblood in accommodation, with Gleb Tritus designing the future agenda of Europe's biggest airline.



Among the topics:

- When will air-travel get back to normal (1:00)?
- What early indicators does he see in his data for 2021 (1:55)?
- How will travel fundamentally change in the next 5 years (3:45)?
- What would Gleb do differently if he was running an accommodation/real estate business (6:31)?
- What does he think about the COSI model (7:56)?

Thank you, Gleb for these valuable insights!

James Gibson

"We inspire the future of travel through a business model that works for new generations of travellers. By combining technology with quality design, we've been able to change what guests and investors expect from accommodation"

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